You are looking for a unique travel experience and you have chosen Brazil for your eco-tourism. Here is a list of the best travel destinations in Brazil, characterized by their beauty and unique character.

For a spectacular view

If you love nature and love taking pictures, Serra de Roncador is for you. A region surrounded by mysticism and fables, it is located in the center of Brazil. It begins in the municipality of Barra do Garças in Mato Grosso and ends in Serra do Cachimbo. It is a region that stands out for its mountains, numerous caves and turquoise underground lakes. The best thing about this destination is that it is not yet very popular, but it is ideal for all nature lovers and fans of all things mystical. In the metropolitan city of Manau is Presidente Figueiredo, better known as "the valley of the waterfalls". It bears this name for its 150 waterfalls, rivers, caves, but especially its tropical forest, which is the center of activities such as rafting, kayaking, hiking and birdwatching.

To live an adventure

Founded in 1999 and located in Porto Seguro, Pau Brasil Nationale Park opened its doors to the public in 2016. It is a park that boasts 47,000 acres of rainforest as well as 6 hiking trails, waterfalls, young trees as well as thousand-year-old trees and an incredible collection of birds. In keeping with the national park's tradition of providing visitors with adventure through hiking and sports activities, Três Coroas is a paradise for ecotourism. Not only are very few people aware of its existence, but it is only 40 minutes away from Gramado. Consisting of public and private parks, Três Coroas offers activities such as rafting, canoeing, archery and Tyrolean traverse.