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Privacy and Paradise: Discovering the Joys of Exclusive Villa Rentals

Bask in the bliss of a personal paradise, surrounded by luxury and seclusion, with exclusive villa rentals. This opulence, once a privilege enjoyed only by the elite, is now a rising trend among discerning travelers. The traditional hospitality industry, with…

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My ID card has expired: how do I get on a plane?

To travel by plane with an expired identity card, you must highlight several points. It is fundamental to give priority to regulations before you embark on a trip. In some cases, it will be possible for you to travel with…

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Plane sick? Think about homeopathy!

Fear of flying affects nearly 30% of the world’s population, with a variety of sources and factors, and can result in phobias of all forms. Faced with this evil, researchers are constantly conducting studies to alleviate the discomfort of travellers….

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You don’t like flying? Consider taking the train to go to Bretagne

Looking for a quiet place to rest, fine sands, or dense forests to enjoy nature, Bretagne offers you a variety of places to relax and enjoy a memorable stay. Served by several means of transport, the train is one of…

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Can I take my dog with me in the tgv?

This year, you are planning to leave for a few days in France or Europe for the holidays and you want to take your pet with you on board a TGV. As it is the first time for him and…

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Ten hours by plane? Don’t forget your external charger!

Flying is one of the most efficient ways to travel around the world. Indeed, they are both fast and safe. However, the journey can be long, depending on the distance to be covered. Several stopovers are also possible in these…

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