Fear of flying affects nearly 30% of the world's population, with a variety of sources and factors, and can result in phobias of all forms. Faced with this evil, researchers are constantly conducting studies to alleviate the discomfort of travellers. Homeopathy on airplanes is one of the advanced solutions to prevent, reduce, or even eliminate inconveniences during your travels, especially long-distance trips, by using alternative medicine.

Understanding homeopathy

Homeopathy is a medicine that has long been practiced in different parts of the world, following a logic: that of self-healing.  Homeopathic procedures are based on the principle of similitude and infinitesimal doses. The law of similitude is very common in this therapeutic practice. It is based on the idea that a substance that causes disorders in a sick person can lead to the healing of another person with the same symptoms by administering a reduced dose of this substance. Infinitesimal doses are the result of successive dilution of a substance, in order to eliminate the active principle of the substances, and to increase its curative virtues and therapeutic powers. For example, 7 CH is not stronger than 5CH, and 15 CH is not the equivalent of 3 times 5 CH. Consult a homeopathic specialist to obtain appropriate medication. Are you apprehensive about flying, and suffer inconveniences during flights? For a homeopathic treatment, approach a health professional for homeopathic prescriptions. It is important that your doctor draws up your homeopathic profile, and that he or she can question you in order to understand the sources of your disorders, their manifestation and periodicity, etc. Your phobia may have a history related to your personal history, as well as a history related to your lifestyle. These are all parameters that your doctor will take into account when prescribing your medication. In the case of transportation for example, there is the Cocculus, which relieves nausea and dizziness caused by motion sickness. It can be adapted to people who suffer from haematophobia in mid-flight, and feel better with immobility and warmth. Petroleum can also be used for patients who relieve their motion sickness by eating, and is perfectly adapted for air travel, far from the smell of petrol.

Some practical advice in addition to homeopathy

In order for your flight to take place in the best possible conditions: Choose your seat on the plane tactfully. Seats at the front or near the wings of the aircraft are ideal if you are afraid of jerks and engine noise. Those on the window side are ideal for admiring the landscape. If you need to stretch your legs from time to time, choose the aisle side.

Choose your outfit carefully for optimum comfort

Wear support stockings, especially if you suffer from heavy legs and varicose veins. Favour solid, non-fatty foods as your pre-departure food. Keep yourself well hydrated, as your body needs it during a plane trip. Relax and sleep so that the trip goes by quickly.