Yes, you can technically go kitesurfing in Punta Cana. You will enjoy the thermal winds in the morning and late evening. Therefore, ensure you come prepared physically and mentally to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Kitesurfing in the Dominican Republic is among the best and most amazing activities that can touch your body and mind's soul. Experience freedom from harnessing wind powers while being pulled up and forth by the kite.

November and December are the best times to go kitesurfing Dominican Republic, specifically Punta Cana. These two months experience winter depressions from the Atlantic, which generate 20 knots of wind. Punta Cana experiences an average wind of 8-10 knots the rest of the year, suitable for kite foiling.

Punta Cana is located at the junction between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea on the east side of the Dominican Republic. It is the most frequently visited place on the island since it has a lot to offer, including kitesurfing sports.

Skills required to get started in kite surfing in Dominican Republic

Most newbies in kitesurfing are entirely new to water sports, board sports, and kite flying. Therefore, the lesion will have to start from scratch. The most important skill you need to have or must have is swimming. Once you are comfortable in open water, you are good to start the lessons.

Despite the complexity of the name, kitesurfing doesn’t mean you need strong waves since you can do it in a lagoon. All you need is water and wind. You will have the best time kitesurfing in one of the many places in Puta Cana. You need to start with the basics before:

  • Jumping
  • Riding waves
  • Going on long
  • Going faster
  • Doing freestyle tricks

Kitesurfing doesn’t require super fitness. Also, you don’t need to have lots of muscle strength since the kit itself is light. However, you need to be fit generally to make your transition easy and fast, get more stamina on the water, and avoid injuries.

Is it necessary to have kitesurfing lessons?

Yes, especially surfing Dominican Republic. Beginner lessons are essential for your journey to be the best. Therefore, you need to visit a good kitesurfing school or get a personal instructor. At the end of the lessons, ensure you understand the safety rules and requirements to get up and ride with no time to waste.

Without proper knowledge of kitesurfing in Dominican Republic, you are endangering yourself and those around you on the water. There are a lot of kitesurfing schools and instructors worldwide. You can get online and physical classes at the time of your choice. You will get the right kite and kitesurfing kits from your instructor or the Kitesurf School you attended.

Places to go kitesurfing Dominican Republic, Puta Cana

Do you love surfing and travelling at the same time? Surfing Dominican Republic is one of the coolest and most popular things in Punta Cana. Punta Cana has many spots for kitesurfing. The only thing you need to do is to select one, if not all, to visit while in the Dominican Republic.

All the surfing areas in this fantastic place has surf school for newbies and the best excursion agencies. Below are some of the best places to go kitesurfing.

Uvero Alto

It is in the north part of Punta Cana, away from tourist and business centers. The area is decorated with giant coconut trees, turquoise water, and a golden sand beach. Uvero Alto has the highest waves among the rest of the kitesurfing areas.

The coral reefs are very close to the coast, hence having the highest waves. This is a perfect place for kitesurf lovers, both pros and beginners.

Macao Beach

This beach is just 20 minutes from the best hotels and 40 minutes from the Airport in Punta Cana. Macao beach is characterised by:

  • Exuberant vegetation
  • Beautiful turquoise water
  • White sand
  • It is almost 3.2 miles long

It is popular for its great waves making the most favourable kitesurfing and other water sports. The beach has some facilities like:

  • Horseback riding
  • Small surf school
  • Paddle surfing
  • Food and drinks shops

It is among the best areas for surfing in Dominican Republic, where you will have an amazing time with friends, family, or your life partner.

Playa Blanca

It is among the best beaches in Punta Cana, where you can kitesurf in private. The beach has a lot of reefs hence the best for experts. The water is shallow with side shore wind.