A small wonder of nature, Lake Retba, a pink lake in Senegal, astonishes by its unusual colour and rarity. Indeed, its hue can go from pink to mauve depending on the strength of the sun's rays. During your stay in Senegal, don't forget to visit this magical place.

Lake Retba, a jewel of nature

It is a must to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world during your stay in Senegal. On the back of a horse, on the seats of a 4×4 or simply on foot, there are many fun ways to visit the beautiful shores of Lake Retba. This pastel pink lake bordered by a forest will appear to you as a place straight out of your dreams. In a majestic and wild setting, take advantage of the peace and quiet of the place to relax away from the daily routine and monotony. This lake is known to be enormously salty, much saltier than the Dead Sea! Knowing that the salt content of a sea in general is on average 30 g per liter, that of the Dead Sea is 280 g and that of Lake Retba is 350 g. This lake is therefore more than 10 times more concentrated in salt than conventional sea water.

A little swim in the lake? It's possible!

However, it is possible to swim in Lake Rose, but precautions should still be taken to avoid any skin irritations that may be due to the high salt content. You will therefore have the opportunity to feel this fabulous sensation of lightness, to systematically float on the surface without making too much effort. It is not advisable to stay in the lake too long. After swimming, you should rinse or even shower entirely with fresh water to avoid damaging your skin.

Other activities related to Pink Lake

During your stay in Dakar, you can practice several other activities around Lake Retba in order to enjoy the magnificent view of the lake. For example, why not take a trip in a dugout canoe? You will be able to admire the beauty of the lake from another angle, take a closer look at the people who extract the salt to work it and sell it afterwards. Afterwards, you can also go horseback riding, rides that can last up to several hours, ideal especially during low tides on the beach near the lake. Finally, it is advisable to take a guide to learn a little more about the history and secrets of Lac Rose, the Senegalese culture, etc.