Morbihan has more than 40 seaside resorts offering perfect conditions for a beach holiday. When the sun is shining on this department of Brittany, it is pleasant to go and relax in these hidden spots of the islands off the coast. Here is a selection of the most beautiful beaches and insider tips. Beach of Kerbihan (La Trinité-sur-Mer) Kerbihan beach is a real pearl of Quiberon Bay. The seaside resort of La Trinité sur Mer, not far from Carnac, can be proud of this jewel. The charms of this beach have not yet spread, so this beach is rarely crowded, even in good weather. Maybe it is because the beach is relatively well hidden. The uninitiated often confuse Kerbihan beach with other beaches on the Pointe de Kerbihan and overlook this charming area, which is surrounded by magnificent villas with typical Breton architecture. Tip: Go to the rue de Kerbihan, from where an entrance opens.

The big sands in Groix

One of the most famous beaches in Morbihan, Brittany, and even in the whole of France, is the "Grands sables" beach on the Ile de Groix.

What makes this beach so exceptional?

The convex shape, the fine sand in two colours and the crystalline water. Another remarkable fact is that this beach is constantly moving westwards under the influence of sea currents. This stretch is about 3.5 kilometres from Port Tudy, the island's main town, and is an absolute must for any visitor. Whether it is for swimming or simply sitting facing the sea, visitors to the Great Sands are guaranteed indelible memories.

Herlin Beach (Belle-Île-en-Mer)

Herlin is located on the south shore of Belle-Île-en-Mer and is therefore the southernmost of the most beautiful beaches in Morbihan presented here. Herlin beach, protected by cliffs and free of algae, is a wonderful jewel for the whole island. But beauty has its price: whoever visits the beach must be prepared to find many other bathers.

The beach of the red coast (Port-Louis)

This beach is probably the least frequented: located between Lorient and Port-Louis, the family beach of fine, soft sand overlooks Locmalo Bay. At low tide, the path to the water is long. But if the waves splash the flat beach at high tide, the gentle entry into the water makes the Plage de la côte rouge an ideal playground for children.

The Gold Mine (Peninsula)

"Mine d'Or" is a beach surrounded by ochre-coloured rocks near the town of Pénestin. The beach is a few kilometres from the mouth of the Vilaine, the largest river in Brittany. The name "Mine d'Or" comes from an old gold mine in the cliffs, where gold was still being extracted in the 19th century.

The Conleau basin (Vannes)

For an extended seaside holiday, the Conleau basin has many natural beaches, an ideal destination for a walk in one of the most beautiful towns in Morbihan. This destination is really worth the detour. Conleau beach is one of the few urban beaches in Morbihan and is located on the peninsula of the same name south of Vannes. The immediate proximity of the fourth largest city in Brittany makes this beach so lively and popular: restaurants, cafés and "guinguette" bars contribute to its unique atmosphere. While enjoying a snack or a bowl of fresh cider, you can wonderfully watch the ferries to the islands of southern Brittany.

The Great Beach of Carnac

The beaches of Carnac are also worth a visit - especially the "Grande plage de Carnac". The Grande plage de Carnac is rightly renowned for its impressive megalithic structures and enjoys an excellent reputation as a destination in the Morbihan. This largest of Carnac's beaches enchants with two kilometres of fine sand. Its south-facing orientation makes it an ideal place for relaxation and (supervised) swimming. In summer, two beach clubs with attractions for children (and adults) enliven the area.

The cliff beach in Guidel

The "Cliff Beach" is extremely popular with kiteboarders. So that everyone can practice their favorite activity without being disturbed, the sea is divided into two areas: one for surfing, the other for swimming. The section is located in the extension of the Lower Pouldu beach, at the mouth of the river Laïta, on the sea side of Guidel. The beach is only accessible by stairs in the high dunes and is therefore not without obstacles.

Beach of Men Er Bellec (Saint Philibert)

The beach of Men Er Bellec is located at the foot of the bay of Tréhennavour, in the commune of Saint Philibert, south-east of the seaside resort of La Trinité sur Mer. Men er Bellec is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Morbihan: a pine forest surrounds the quiet 400-metre long section that gently falls into the sea. The ideal setting for swimmers looking for relaxation and families. At high tide, many yachtsmen come to anchor a few hundred metres from the shore to admire the charm of the place from the sea.

The Perello Beach in Ploemeur

Facing the island of Groix, the Plage du Pérello is the enchanting beach of the seaside resort of Ploemeur. Surfers prefer to look for other spots, but holidaymakers will get their money's worth: the coastal part of fine sand is largely protected from the wind and strong waves in a south-facing bay.