The magnificent views of this city are only accessible from high up. During your holiday, choose to rent a scooter or a car so you don't waste time and don't get tired.

How do I get a scooter in Capri?

If you are planning to visit the most beautiful places on the planet, you should take it easy. Booking your vehicle at your destination is the best solution. For example, you can already contact a local professional for a scooter rental in Capri a few days before your trip. Comparison sites already exist to help you choose the right scooter provider. The procedures during the rental will not be complicated in this way. A national identity card or other identification such as passport or driver's license as well as proof of residence can be used when you commit to renting a scooter in Capri. A form already drawn up with your contact person clearly visible accompanies one of the above-mentioned documents and you will have your vehicle within a pre-determined period of time.

Why should I prefer scooter rides in Capri?

There is no lack of altitude in Capri. Therefore, even if you are a walking fanatic, you will get tired before you even manage to visit the most beautiful places in the city on foot. Tourists choose to drive a car or rent a scooter in Capri to get the most out of their stay. The average annual temperature in Capri is 27°C. At this rate, it is not possible to enjoy the scenery for too long. However, if you take a motorcycle ride, the wind blowing in your face will soothe this temperature. For this reason, many residents and tourists prefer to rent a motorcycle rather than buy a car.

Where can I find a scooter supplier in Capri?

The cost of scooter rental in Capri is around 5 Euros per day. However, depending on the quality of the vehicles and the length of your contract, you may get discounts. The best scooters at the best price are provided by professional agencies. These agencies not only have the manpower to maintain the vehicles before they are rented out, but also offer new parts to make sure your ride goes well. They also offer protective equipment free of charge.