Are you planning to make a little detour to Santorini with family or friends? You've made the right choice, as the quad ride will allow you to explore the area. This means of transport is suitable for all the paths, trails, and even alleyways of the city. To get it, simply rent it so you can enjoy it throughout your stay.

All-terrain transportation

The quad is a vehicle with an uncovered engine carrying three or four wheels. Depending on its shape, it can be a single-seater or a two-seater. Very practical thanks to its ease of driving, you just have to master the technique of turning and braking. The quad was previously used as a machine for work so its use was strictly forbidden on the road, these are the non-approved quads. But nowadays, there are other varieties that can ride anywhere including road traffic. These are the approved quads which are thus subjected to the highway code. This is why, you can consider renting a Santorini quad on site to facilitate and ensure your transport.

Vehicle adapted to the family

The Santorini quad rental is the ideal solution to ensure all your family rides. For a trip to Santorini, opt for a leisure quad suitable for adults and young people of 16 years old minimum, and a child quad available from 5 years old if you still have small children. In addition, there are utility quads reserved for crossing terrain that is difficult to access and sport quads for racing and championships. Whatever the type, this machine can access all types of terrain whether it is muddy or snowy or comfortable like city roads.

Safety Tips

It is recommended to choose approved quads from the service provider chosen for a Santorini quad rental. This provider should also give you a guide for the use of the equipment. Make sure that all the protections for the hot parts are well installed. For your own safety, you can wear suitable clothing, especially avoid floating clothing. Also, put protections on your knees and elbows to protect you in case of a fall. It should be noted that the quad is a motorized equipment which requires a certain time for adaptation, take the time to familiarize yourself with this vehicle before launching out.