Looking for the type of accommodation for your next family campsite? Do you miss the idea? Then you've come to the right place, because we have the solution for you. Mobile homes, gîtes, coaches, inns... there are many ways to camp. For your next stay or family holiday, why not rent a bungalow? The latter is one of the new trends in camping accommodation.

Bungalow: the new camping trend

The definition of camping is different from the old days. Gone are the long waits for a shower and the cramped sleeping quarters. Campsites in France today are synonymous with comfort and luxury. Many establishments provide luxurious and well-equipped accommodation such as bungalows. This one combines comfort and conviviality. You can find various facilities: bed, kitchenette, living room, garden, etc. The bungalow is a kind of large tent in an improved version. Goodbye back pain and restless nights with this type of accommodation. It ensures comfort and total relaxation throughout your stay. It is also one of the most popular holiday homes.

Why choose the bungalow?

Camping in a bungalow is very advantageous. It is composed of several practical and comfortable equipments: kitchen, shower, WC, bedroom, bed, television. It is equipped with thermal and sound insulation. The latter allows you to keep cool inside and to spend peaceful nights in the heat. Moreover, the bungalows are safer. You will therefore have no risk of burglary during your campsite. A key will also be given to you to secure your bungalow during your travels or hikes. You and your family will be able to sleep peacefully in a cosy bed away from mosquitoes.

Bungalow rental: more economical solution for camping

Why go into the bungalow rental business for camping? Indeed, this option is more economical and more profitable. The bungalow rental camping is less expensive compared to other accommodation. Renting a tent and buying all the equipment that goes with it can also be expensive. To avoid unnecessary expenses, several sites and agencies offer well-equipped bungalows at affordable prices. You just have to choose the one that best suits your budget and your expectations. Moreover, this alternative is perfect to save money and to avoid ruining yourself during your holidays.