The kite, having a diamond or triangular shape, colored or decorated; awakened the dreams of children. In theory, fallen into disuse but it returns to the scene, especially in spaces where the wind is blowing at full speed. It is played by both amateurs and competitors.

Kite flying: a leisure not outdated over time

The first appearance of the kite was in Asia, more precisely in China. In the 12th century, it entered Europe. Before that, it was used for military purposes or as a radio frequency sensor antenna. Etymologically, the word kite comes from the word flying snake which refers to the model of dragon deer coming from China. Invented before the hot-air balloon, the kite is the origin of human ascension flight par excellence. Nowadays, it has become a leisure activity practiced by children, young people and adults. To play kite flying, the necessary conditions are a clear space and a steady wind. These conditions sine qua non exist at the beach.

The kite at the beach: an ideal spot with a regular wind

To fly a kite, you need space. The beach is the ideal place for kite flying. The sea breeze has a regular character, with a holiday atmosphere. Kite flying can be practiced indoors or outdoors, for beginners the suitable playground remains outside. It is wise to find a place where the wind can circulate without being hindered. Since a minimal obstacle can disturb the wind and subsequently affect the stability of the kite in mid-flight, it is advisable to find a place where the wind can circulate unimpeded. However, high-voltage power lines should be avoided. The optimal condition is flat ground.

Kite at the beach: a playground for competitors

For kite flyers as a sport, known as kite flying, the beaches become their playgrounds. For this purpose, competitions have been organized such as best kite design, duels, acrobat competitions. Moreover, there are competitions, in good and proper form, dedicated each season to the kite. In North America, France and Asia, kite festivals take place. Also, there is a worldwide gathering of kite players. Kite experts use new designs such as flying dragons, basketballs, super heroes, make the skies of the beach sublime.