Normandy, one of the regions in the north of France. It has a sufficiently large and very interesting tourist area. Various types of hikes (natural, mountainous, cliff, waterfall circuits, etc.) can be made in Normandy. Here are a few tips that can help you to have a successful hike in Normandy.

Bring the best equipment with you

For a maximum comfort of your hike, the choice of shoes becomes essential. Shoes with high uppers remain the most ideal, as they can cover your ankle. You must then close the laces of your shoes to allow you to walk for several hours in complete safety. Also, backpacks must be adapted to your size so as not to spoil your hikes. Don't forget your first-aid kits (bandages, bandages, anti-inflammatory cream, etc.) as well as a survival blanket to be prepared for the unexpected.

Wear comfortable clothing

Opt for light clothing to reduce your weight as much as possible. You should also choose ventilated clothing to limit perspiration and stay dry. You can take a change of clothes with you to replace wet parts. A windproof jacket seems very useful to protect yourself from the wind to keep your body temperature normal. Waterproof equipment is necessary to avoid getting wet from the rain.

Other useful tips for hiking

Looking ahead, you will avoid unexpected falls in the way. Hiking poles help you maintain balance while walking and avoid the risk of falling. With this stick, you don't need to make an effort while climbing. When hiking, the poles may be covered with ice or snow in the winter. To ensure your safety, the use of GPS or IGN maps is essential for your orientation and to avoid confusion. The USB cables and the lamp become essential for winter hikes, as night falls quickly. In Normandy, various tourist sites (landscapes, mountain circuits, waterfalls, fauna and flora, etc.) are all at your disposal. Many guides for hikes are available on the websites of the departmental tourist committees and the tourist office. To discover this treasure in this way, walking and paragliding remain the most interesting way for a perfect hike.