"All roads lead to Rome" the capital, but you must also "see Naples and die in peace". But, did it ever occur to you to visit Sicily, to spend a pleasant day and fill your trip to Italy? Lovers of ancient history, you will be amazed by the treasures of antiquity, which flood the island. Strolls on foot, visits by car, all the wonders, that nature can offer you, are waiting for you. However, if you wish to discover Sicily in a few hours, opt for a train trip.

Why Sicily by train?

To get to Sicily, you have two choices: by plane or by boat. After visiting Naples, for example, you can travel through the Mediterranean to reach the Sicilian coast. Of course, to visit the island, a car is the simplest means of locomotion. On the other hand, road traffic in Sicily is similar to that of any large city. In fact, a solution, which may seem atypical, but is indeed possible: Sicily by train. The cities of Sicily all have a railway station connected to each other by a railway network. A tranquility, throughout the journey and that you can make in just a few hours, starting in particular with Palermo, the capital. Indeed, you should consult the map of the railway network of Sicily, in order to organize your trip.

The main train lines

Travelling by train is, at least, the quietest way to visit the island in one day. Trains are regular and numerous. Comfort and peace, far from the noise and horns of cars, Sicilian trains will rock you along the way. Several lines connect the big cities of Sicily. Note that a Palermo-Messina, from West to East, crossing Etna and Catania, can be done in less than 3 hours. For a longer circuit, a Palermo-Arigentina would be more interesting. However, leaving Palermo, you would go to Messina. Arriving in Messina, you would get off at Catania, then Etna, and finally stop at Agrigento.

The tourist circuit of Sicily by train

Have you ever heard the famous "Ferrovia Circumetnea"? If you want to contemplate Mount Etna, you can take this little train and cross the small places, which surround the volcano. Marvel at the lava flows, discover the beauty of nature at the top of the Rocca Catalanna. A well-organized tour, which is offered every day, except Sundays and holidays, to Riposo.