Enjoy the beaches
and the sun

The kite is a colorful diamond-shaped toy. Typical of a few years ago, this accessory is becoming fashionable again. Made from paper and a wooden frame, flying a kite requires quite a lot of outdoor space and a bit of wind.

The beach is ideal for flying a kite. However, it is important to choose a well-cleared place to avoid an obstacle to disturb its flight. Choose a location without trees in the vicinity and especially without electric cables.

It is certainly a somewhat archaic hobby, but one that brings immense joy. Indeed, seeing a kite in the air is both relaxing and entertaining. You can make it even more fun by having it do some aerobatics in the air.

The beach is also the ideal place to play Beach Volleyball with the family. It’s a sport that encourages teamwork and stimulates the competitive spirit. A simple net and a ball are enough to practice it.

Take advantage of your stay at the beach to discover this very fun and playful physical activity. It allows you to exercise, but also to learn how to coordinate as a team. This sport promises you to have a great time with your family, all generations combined. More beach activities on exploringdominicanrepublic.com.

To escape the cold and dreariness, there is nothing better than to undertake a winter trip to the beach. Not only is it pleasant, but it will also allow you to avoid some typical winter illnesses. All you have to do is choose the right destination.

White sandy beaches and coconut trees are waiting for you. A stay in the sun will allow you to evacuate the stress of everyday life and enjoy the comforting warmth of winter. Several sunny and unusual destinations, including the islands, are available to you, for some winter destinations please visit choose-destination.com.

There are some essential travel equipment for comfort, safety, but above all to preserve your pleasure.

You can’t go on a beach without a towel. There are several models on the market.

The heat is intense at the beach. To keep your drinks cool, bring a beach cooler.

Whatever your skin type, sun protection is essential to avoid sunburn.

To protect yourself from the sun’s rays and to have a corner of shade where you can rest, the beach umbrella is indispensable.

More than an accessory, sunglasses protect your eyes. They are available in many shapes and colours.

In order to create wonderful memories, don’t forget your camera when you go on holiday by the sea.

To make your beach vacation more interesting, why not do some water activities? Water skiing is the most popular today. Depending on the equipment, you can also try kitesurfing or wakeboarding. For families, canoeing is great fun. You can also take a short boat trip or try scuba diving.

There are different types of beachfront accommodation. The most popular and most common is the bungalow. These are individual seaside accommodations with all the comfort facilities for a beach holiday. You can also find guest rooms and luxury hotels. You can also go to the beach with your family at a beach campsite.

Sleeping in a local house can be an unforgettable experience, as can renting a cottage on the beach. For younger people, some destinations offer hostels for holidaymakers. In all cases, reservations must be made in advance to avoid having to search for accommodation on site. The majority of hotels and other holiday accommodations offer an online or telephone reservation service.

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